Genre : Pop,Flamenco

Instruments :

Represented since : 2012

Gigs booked : 372

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The Ata Orchestra has been established the Los Camarados in 2008. It is the last orchestra established by the artist who has state theory for 25 years. The female vocalist of the band, Ece has ranked 2nd in world song consent in the Singapore and continues her conservatory training.  He is  a final year student of the Mimar Sinan Conservatory Singing Department majoring in Male Vocal & Guitar Hazal, he is at head role in the 2014 Zahide opera.

Orchestra; consists of band of 6 persons including Bass guitar, keyboard, Drum, Male Vocal & Guitar, Female Vocal and Soloist Ata. The band who can make program with 4 persons including 3 persons of orchestra + Ata, can extend its orchestra up to 10 persons. Orchestra executes all kind of music. They can sing Spanish, English, Italian, Greek and Turkish songs.  Having successful stage, Ata and team has been on stage in best places of Turkey.  Ata is known as best person who performs the Gipsy King well in Turkey.  The artist has 2 solo album.



Blue Boshorus
D Hotel Marmaris
Didim D-Marin
Turgutreis D-Marin
Işıl Club Milta Tatil Köyü Bodrum
Rixos Premium Bodrum
Voyage Hotel Bodrum
Voyage Hotel Türkbükü
Voyage Hotel Torba
Thor Hotel Bodrum
Vogue Hotel Bodrum
Park Resort Bodrum
İsis Hotel
Hilton Bodrum
Marmaris Marina Yacht Club
Bodrum Pier Dining & Lounge