Kaan Öztürk & Onur Mete

Kaan Öztürk & Onur Mete

Genre : Pop, 80'ler,90'lar

Instruments :

Represented since : 2014

Gigs booked : 777

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Kaan Öztürk has made his first program in Derby Cafe one of the popular places of Adana in 1989 and he performed both his own compositions and popular songs in the presence of groups. He was the youngest member, solist and guitarist of the group. He has worked with Group Merdiven which is one of the most popular group of Adana.
In the year of 1991, he graduated from Adana College and he got into the department of mechanical engineering in Yildiz Technical University and moved in Istanbul and he spent most of his time dealing with the music. He made long time stage performance with Haluk Levent and Yasar who had not released their albums yet.
In later years, he formed group Yakamoz and he sang song and played guitar in Uluorta Ulus, Civanim, Guverte Pub, Salacak Entel Pub and Kalamis Patika Pub. He worked as a vocalist and guitarist with Hazal, Bora Oztoprak, Zeynep Secil, Yasar, Gulsen, Jale, Burcu Gunes etc. He both took anfd gave courses. In the home-studio he organized in his own house, he prepared the musics of jingles, advertisements and some television programs.      He prepared and presented radio program for approximately 2 years. He took part in BRT television for over eight months and took part in the program called “Life is Beautiful” that Iclal Aydin presented and was broadcasted everyday in weekdays in BRT television for over eight months.
He presented radio programs with Bora Oztoprak in Radio Mega and Jale in TRT Fm. In 1998, his albüm work that is named as “Yollarda Yoruldum” was broadcasted under the body of Tempo Music of Raks company.The first clip of the albüm in the style of Compilation was shot to this song. Although this kind of compilation album was made in Turkey for the first time, the song was come to be well-known. In those years, his works had been continued in those years. In those years his works continued in Maslak Princess Hotel.
He gave compositions to Bora Oztoprak, Ozan Orhon, Bora Gencer that is written and composed by himself.        He ended Bora Öztoprak & Kaan Öztürk – Equip projects that they have continued for a long time and he continues this music life as Kaan Öztürk & Reaksiyon.


1- Kaan Öztürk & Reaksiyon

this is a performance that is precisely equal to the saying “smooth operator” including mostly the local pop songs, interactive with the spectators, highlighted by with sketches and quarrels, presented in a highly wide repertoire, sincere and presented in organizational gala nights and outstanding clubs for over 15 years paeriod.

The vocalists takes the stage together with Kaan Öztürk & Reaksiyon, Murat Aziret as a vocalist of Tarkan and Ajda Pekkan or Başay Okay that we know with his acting too according to the gender distribution of the guests in this program.

2- Kaan Öztürk & Reaksiyon / Feat …

If you would like to listen and meet the following artists’ songs within the concept of Kaan Öztürk & Reaksiyon at your nights, we should meet at feat concept.


3- The songs which we grew together with

You will be listening and watching a Turkish pop and rock music history starting from 70s till the end of 90s with costumes, visuals on the screens, accessories, imitation and songs within this concept. You will be astonished as you will be listening to the special lives of the artists and their relations among each other, you will be singing their songs together, and you will think how much lucky you are to be the children, the youth of that time and you will be so glad. Some of the artists included in the context:

Cem Karaca, Tanju Okan, Barış Manço, Ajda Pekkan, Müslüm Gürses, Cartel, İzel Çelik Ercan, MFÖ, Yeni Türkü, Candan Erçetin, Sezen Aksu.