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Bülent Özdemir & Hande

  • Vocals
  • Vocals and Guitar
Represented since: 2014
Gigs booked: 43


Even if he started music by playing drums when he could be considered as a little child, his biggest passion was playingthe guitar. He played at nights by changing the strings of the guitar that belongs to a guitarist who played with the band named ‘Çılgınlar’ (‘Madmen’) founded by him with his friends. When he realized it is not easy to change the strings every night, he improved himself by turning the guitar upside down and playing while the deep voices are down.  This playing style whichis related to him is not a result of a quaintness but a result of being left handed. It is said that the thing that madehim special is not being left handed but playing a right hand  guitar while being a left handed person.

He fills the stage and ears as if playing with an orchestra on his own. Because of mastering his guitar excessively and playing it upside down , Bülent Özdemir the musician from Izmir, makes you hear all the bass, solo, drum and song in full at the same time.

Bülent Özdemir has lots of audiences in Turkey .He is a guitar Professional, a composer who made us like Turkish pop again, made even the choosy ones listen with pleasure. He is the composer of lots of songs like; “Deli Kızın Türküsü (‘The Song of the Mad Girl’)”, “Kınalı Kuzum” of Sezen Aksu ’,  “Uslandım Artık”   “Siyah Beyaz” (‘Black and White’)of Aşkın Nur Yengi, “Hoşça kal (‘Good Bye’)”, “Sana Değer‘’ of Yıldız Tilbe, “Lale Devri (‘The Tulip Era’)” and‘Benim Yerime de Sev’ of Sibel Can, “Amazon” and “Tufan”  of Ajda Pekkan,  “Kalp Tanrıya Emanet” of Işın Karaca  and“Cennet (‘Heaven’)”,“Sen Söyle Hayat” of Ferhat Göçer  and many more that we could not be listed here.