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  • Vocals
  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Keyboards
  • Flute
  • Drums
Represented since: 2014
Gigs booked: 53


Ege was born in 1969 in İzmir. His music career started with training of the keyboard instrument.  The milestone of the music life of Ege is Maria Rita Epik.  When he met the famous artist of whom he is fan, his life was changed.

Ege starts to make compositions after the keyboard and guitar lessons. His greatest supporter is also Maria Rita Epik.  The local radios and bars as well as his friends are interested in his compositions.

After he sent the demo of his song “Yaz Aşkım” in 1994 to the local radios, he runs to the fame. Both radio and Ege are happy because his song is liked and wanted to listen. He comes to İstanbul to study the Faculty of Law, and he continues to play music here.

Ege launched his first album “Senden Uzak” in 1995. The music life has introduced Ege well with this album. Ege shows that he will be successful in music and song writing in addition to commenter.

Ege has signature at the words and music of his album not only in comment at the 9 songs in his album.  The songs Senden Uzak, Delice Sevda, Yaz Aşkım, Aşktan Söz Et are liked as summer songs of year.

Ege met his fans in 1997 with song Sevildiğini Bil Yeter. He has words of 11 songs from the 12 songs in his album. Ege has staged this time with many famous artists.

For the arrangement of his songs, the names like Ozan Doğulu, İskender Paydaş, Özkan Turgay, Sarp Özdemiroğlu have taken part and Deniz Seki and Aylin has contributed the album with vocal.

Ege launched the album “Sevdanın Denizinde”  with  Ozan Doğulu – İskender Paydaş  in 1999. “Hurma Gözlüm” has great interest from his fans in the album consisting of 12 songs.


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EGE - D-Marin 2017