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Mine Çağlıyan

Pop, Latin, Disco
  • Vocals
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass
  • Keyboards
  • Drums
Represented since: 2005
Gigs booked: 224

Born in İstanbul, Mine started to sing a song at the İstanbul jazz clubs when she is 17. She worked with jazz musicians such as Selçuk Sun, Fatih Erkoç, and Aycan Teztel. She started to take stage with her close friend Ajlan Büyükburç in shortest time; they made album ‘Aşkolsun’ in 1993 of which producer is Atilla Şereftuğ. In this album, there are two hits: ‘aşkolsun’ and “pranga zinciri”. However Ajlan-Mine didn’t continue together because of differences in their understanding of music.

Continuing stage works and concerts, Mine found close her immensity of electronic music and actually incorporating many genre, and she noticed that she can express herself. Mine writes both Turkish and English lyrics to her tracks in genre of electro, house and trip-hop; she worked with many arranger.




Mine Çağlıyan 2014
Mine Çağlıyan & Çağdaş Özmen Band
Mine Çağlıyan & Olga Violin Show
Mine Çağlıyan & Olga Violin Show
Mine Çağlıyan & DJ Can Hatipoğlu
Mine Çağlıyan


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