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Su Soley

Pop, Latin, Brazil, Jazz, Funk, Soul, HipHop, R&B
  • Vocals
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass
  • Keyboards
  • Drums
Represented since: 2013
Gigs booked: 46


Su Soley, who started her Professional music life in 2000, performed at special nights with her own orchestra while  doing back vocal in Istanbul Gelişim Orchestra, for Ajda Pekkan , Teoman and Yalın at the same time. By doing Latin, Brazil, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Hiphop, Rock, 80’s, R&B and popular music, she sings in lots of languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and Turkish.

Borned in Ankara, September 6th.

Her studentship years passed with sports and music.

She won lots of degrees in many contests all over Turkey in monopalet, water polo, underwater rugby and in particular, swimming during these 13 years, along with ice skating, tennis, basketball, athletes, skiing and snowboard . What is more, she was a swimming coach and chosen as the ‘Sportswoman of the year’ in the category of underwater sports in Ankara.

Music has always been there during her life. Lute and violin was played at home; classical, modern and popular music was listened in her childhood.  If we do not count the other little wind instruments, her first real instrument was a guitar given by her parents in her 12th birthday. She started to take drum lessons when she was 13.

She graduated from METU, Faculty of Education, and Department of Preschool Teaching in 2005.

She moved to Istanbul in 2006 after winning Istanbul University Department of Musical Theatre Acting.

Su Soley, who has been on stage with her own group for many years, gave and continues to give concerts in many cities and abroad in line with the requests of her audience that she reaches by uploading her video clips for some of her compositions onthe social media. She plays the guitar and percussion, writes lyrics, and makes jingles.


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The Marmara, Bodrum
Isis Hotel, Bodrum
Marina Yacht Club, Bodrum
Rixos Premium, Bodrum
Voyage Hotel, Bodrum
D-Hotel, Marmaris
Rixos Premium, Göcek
Xanadu Island, Bodrum
Jumeirah Bodrum Palace