DJ Can Hatipoğlu

Genre:   Funky House, Commercial, Nu Disco, Disco, Deep House, Pop, R&B
Represented since: 2012
Gigs booked: 17

Everything started with the blasting of the new stereo speakers bought for home duringhis secondary school years while his parents were not at home and forbiddingCan from touching those devices In the later years, Can realized that he did not think about the music part of the work from his […]

Genre:   Funky House, House, Commercial House, Pop, Turkish Pop
Represented since: 2011

Suat Ateşdağlı is the first name that comes into mind when one talks about music in Turkey and the night life in Istanbul. He started his career as a Dj in 1983 at Moda 29. For more than 10 years, he performed as the resident Dj for legendary clubs such […]