Sibel Mirkelam

Sibel Mirkelam

Genre : Pop, Latin, Greek, Jazz, TSM, Alaturca

Instruments :

Represented since : 2016

Gigs booked : 16

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Her introduction with music started at a young age. During her school period she was involved in choirs, in high school she involved in music associations and she experienced her first stage experience there. Then, she started rehearsals with the orchestra she established on her own. After that, she won the Department of Fundamental Sciences of ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory. While continuing her education in conservatory, she continued her stage rehearsals in styles such as Latin, jazz, indigenous-foreign pop, Greek, Turkish art music, arabesque with her repertoire in five languages (Spanish, English, Greek, Italian, French). Sibel Mirkelam, who did master’s degree on Turkish Music in Halic University, later studied the Department of Music Education in Yeditepe University. Her stage rehearsals have been continuing uninterruptedly for 18 years. Until today, she has made one album and two maxi singles.